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14 Facts That Make Lemons Fit for Health

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The following 14 facts make lemons, with their rich taste, high vitamin C, antioxidants, B-vitamins, calcium and more, just what you need to pep up your life:

1.Lemons restore your body’s pH levels
Your body can be thrown into turmoil by the junk food, stress, lack of exercise, pollution and other toxins in today’s existence. Despite their acidity, the nutrient content of lemons is alkaline-forming, thereby helping to make your body better resistant to several threats to yourhealth. All you need to start your day in a healthy way is a cup of warm water with some lemon squeezed into it.

2.Lemons help your digestion process
Because lemons are very antibacterial, they destroy your body’s bad bacteria and allow the good bacteria to flourish. This helps such problems as constipation and indigestion. To help stimulate peristalsis and produce stomach acids that start the digestion process, you only…

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